Electric Auto Return Type Semflex®-VP

● Various kinds of plants
● Air conditioning of building
● Production system
● For inflow of industrial water
● For inflow around filter bed in water purification plant
● Adjustment of flow of cold water and warm water in local heating and cooling system, etc.
● Factory using communication network

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Electric Auto Return Type Semflex®-VP


Small, lightweight, and compact design.
(1/2 or less of mass, compared with our conventional products)
The standard waterproof structure IP68 and the double-sealed terminal section drastically reduce a failure due to the intrusion of water.
The valve can be opened or closed just by feeding power.
A wide variety of controls are available.
(Anti-water-hammer operation, valve purge function, torque retry function, etc.)
Since it has an inverter, opening/closing time can be changed.
The 2-wire communication remote operation function (PROFIBUS) can be added easily.

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